Open Gate

The first book in the Empty Worlds series.

Empty Worlds is a new Science Fiction series by Bruce C. Dillahunty.

“I could not put this book down once I started it!”

A group of young adults discovers just what happens when they move off Earth and start taking over the universe.

“It’s Science Fiction with people.”

Suitable for all ages and interests.

The Empty Worlds series opens with the first book - Open Gate.

Rachael Johnson is soon to graduate from college and begin the rest of her life. Today her biggest worries are dirt and bugs as her friend James drags her underground to go exploring. What she didn’t expect was to find an abandoned city on another planet.

It’s the chance for the human race to leave Earth and have breathing room. A place for the explorers at heart to blaze new trails.

But Rachael is torn—does she call the police or block the cave? Will James agree? How can they keep this secret? How can they not?

And what about the original owners of this new-found world? Where are they, and are they wanting visitors? And don’t forget about the universe of other planets a few short steps away.

Now government is breaking down, there is rioting in the streets and there are roadblocks everywhere. The authorities have decided to arrest them on site. Their decision just might be made for them.

Influenced by Heinlein’s juveniles, Open Gate is a Science Fiction adventure that will appeal to all ages from teens to adults.

Open Gate is for sale now (Amazon). Paperback available from Amazon/CreateSpace.


The next book in the Empty Worlds series.

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